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→ "Alone in Kyoto" Skate Deck - Limited Edition
Available until July 12, 12pm EDT, will not be re-stocked


Deck Features

Size 8"
Type Mellow Concave
Material Cold pressed North Amerian Maple
Top Finish Dyed Veneer - No Grip
Bottom Finish Vinyl Print

Made in the US


Please note that due to COVID-19, both manufacturing and shipping processes are currently slower, especially for international orders.
Manufacturing can take up to 10 business days after placing your order. We sincerely apologize for any delay you might experience. Thanks for being patient with the situation 🖤

Shipping & Delivery
Canada 3-15 Business days after order is shipped
United States 3-7 Business days after order is shipped
Worldwide 7-21 Business days after order is shipped

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